About Petter Olsen

Petter Olsen is a conceptual photographer with a vivid imagination. He grew up in Rælingen a suburb of Oslo. From an early age he felt a need to share his imaginary world with others. For him the photographic medium has proven to be a great tool to do so.

 He graduated from Bilder Nordic School of Photography in June 2014. During his two years at the school he was published twice in The Telegraph and received a bronze diploma as ‘Newcomer of the year’ at Gullsnitt 2013 and participated in the final exhibition Moments of Consequence. The past year he has been working full-time as Morten Qvale’s assistant.

 With his work he aims to both inspire and amaze people. His compositions are often carefully arranged to interact with illusionistic spaces and time; as a viewer you often have to pause to comprehend the various levels of truth presented to you.

 Sources of inspiration he finds within his near surroundings; it either being derived from human behavior he observe, trivial memories, the scent of a flower or simply by the mundane objects surrounding us in every day life.